Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some Corey Layouts...

I have had these pics since easter and they are so funny as was corey playing with all these hats - he didn't like the duck one too much and well the quack was more of a yuck lol but the Cosmo Cricket Journal piece went so well with these pics not much more was needed... Corey has been traipsing my Bert and Ernie all around the house since discovering them in his toy box in the last few weeks but he affectionately refers to them as Bernie - whether he is holding Bert or Ernie they are just Bernie to him...
This is a pic I took when Corey was in the NICU -as I was taking the pic he opened his eyes for the very first time and I just melted - yes there were tears and for once in my life even though you don't really want to be behind the camera taking the pic I was so glad I was to be able to capture this also....

So over the next few days I will do a Jayden post ( better keep things even wink wink)....
If you have more than one child do scrap evenly or just whatever grabs you at the time????
Have a great day, Melxxx


  1. oh mel that one of corey in NICU makes my heart melt. what an amazing photo and an amazing moment to capture.

  2. Your pages looks awesome!! Thanks for dropping by my blog (and I'm now adding you to my blogines as I love your LO's!)

    FRan xx

  3. Oh Mel, these pages are just precious. The memories contained in them are very special!

  4. I just scrap whatever photo/story takes my fancy. I doubt they will ever count who has the most pages anyway!!

    Bernie - love it! Annie loves Bert and Ernie too. :)

  5. I just pick a photo to go with my papers, I really don't think about scrapping evenly....but some days I really notice I'm scrapping so much of one and not the other, that I have to choose the other's photos just so its not all one sided....if that even makes sense! LOL!

  6. Beautiful Mel & lovely you could scrap...they are such memories to keep. xxx