Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Away

I have just been on the most fabulous weekend away with 8 gorgeous gals who scrapped, chatted,enjoyed each others company and no kidlets running around at Kangaroo Valley.

I love my chicken littles so much there are days when it hurts but it was seriously theraputic to have four days of me,the gals,patterned paper and bubbles - be still my beating heart :)

I got 12 Lo's done including one of Cass's little cutie Annabelle - Can't share cause didn't take a pic but maybe Cass can pop it on her blog.I don't get to scrap little girls much so had a bit of fun with that one:)

Will post some pics over the next week.Back to real life after being in heaven for a few days and the washing is done now I need to go to bed so I will be able to half function at work tomorrow.
It was so lovely to come home for some Mummy cuddles and happy faces from my little chickens though - nice to know we are missed :)



  1. Thanks for a wonderful weekend Mel. I'll definitely post a pic of the gorgeous layout you did once I unpack the scrap bag.

  2. Good on you will be so good for your soul to have that little bit of 'you' time....

  3. Oh I have a little something for you on my blog Mel...xxxx