Saturday, February 6, 2010

Found Items...

I love using items in my scrapping that are not traditionally or purposely made for scrapping - even better if the are recycled and a bigger bonus if you don't have to pay for them :)
It adds a bit of originality to the mix and that has to be a good thing!

So for another RAK - I want you to guess what I found this time ( there are two items on the page above for you to guess) and also tell me what your all time fav "found" item is I will pop you in the draw and randomly pick one person out next Friday :)

This LO is for another week of me over at savvy - I am slowly catching up only 2 more to do and I think I will be there....
I love this pic of Jay and I as I put on his YoGabbaGabba glasses and he was in hysterics - yes Mumma can be crazy, silly and funny too-LOL



  1. Well Mel...a lovely LO & a top photo...what a hoot!!

    I like you love using 'extra' bits, & my favourite so far is a Target clothing label that has the brand on it (now covered with flowers) & 100% happy written on it...I have adhered a small piccie over the barcode thingy on the back, & it is now hanging on an album I am making for my DGD who is turning 16 next week. I will pop a piccie on my blog when it is finished.

    I think you might have also used a pink clothing label on your LO, as well as cutting a strip from packaging for Allsorts......mmmm

  2. I was going to say the same actually! The pink tag and the word "Allsorts". What a lovely LO Mel!

    I am only just learning to collect 'found' items! Owl even gave me a basket to keep them all in.