Thursday, February 4, 2010

So Proud of you Munchkin!

Wow - back at RPA for Corey's 2yr old development check - boy does time fly....Well he blitzed the playing - fine motor and gross motor skills - woohoo.
His speech is delayed but we have put steps in place including getting a referral to a speech therapist and we will attack it as it comes...I was prepared for this and had already started looking into a referral but it's nice to have the support of the hospital and to see some old faces - even though Corey has no idea how important these people are in him being here, I do and it's nice to go back and catch up :)
So sweetie Mumma is so proud of you - you are doing amazingly well and don't sweat the speech thing ;) you have come so far and we will work on it together - Mwah Mumma xxx


  1. What a top little piccie there Mel...and what a lad!! He is going great guns with you by his side! xxx

  2. With a mum that loves him as much as you do Mel, Corey has nothing to fear.
    Big cheers for Corey! And big cheers for Mel! :D