Thursday, November 26, 2009


I have been zapped of my scrapping mojo- a lot going on personally which has been draining and hopefully with a new year soonish things will be turning around :)

I have still been quietly scrapping away and here is a few LO's to share :)

This was my last LO for project fashionista and even though I didn't win I am happy with all I got done:)

This place truly is heaven on earth - it's Melross at Kangaroo Valley NSW - google it and drool all over your keyboard - 10 of us are heading back there in Feb and i wish it was tomorrow - Can't wait!
I did this LO for November blind scrap over at LSBS - the next one will be on the 7th of December -drop by and join in the fun it starts at 8pm :) it also is my pick up 52 challenge 43 - hidden journalling - it's in the envelope - just alittle on my thoughts about the last year and moving forward....the inspiration came from Kobi Yamada and the "She" quotes - I used She went out on a lime, it broke of sehind and she started to fly".... Sums up the last year very well for me.
this one is a challenge Belle set for pick up 52 to use Cardboard in your background and pics from teh past - these pics were taken when Corey 1st finger painted at kindy- over a year ago - the pics are priceless :)
This one was for the LSBS November CC - I love this little bag Deeane threw our way and will be making more for the boys kindy teachers:) the little charm is an earring bead from spotlight.
Another challenge from the CC was to make a Calendar using scraps - I used Elle's Studio 2010 Calendars and lots of odd scraps - love this and it rady to go for my scrap desk:)Thanks Tara:)
ok so a little overload - these had been done over a month...I really have slowed on the amount I had been doing - if you find my mojo return it to me ASAP - pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

I am a finalist

I am so not a fashionista at any point in my life so it is completely ironic that I made the finals of Project Fashionista over at Wicked Pricncesses.Huge thanksto everyone who voted my in :)

Here was my week 5 entry - you were only allowed to use green,pink and yellow, had to include satin also :)Minimal amounts of white and black could be used...

So for the final I have to showcase 3 pieces - an all white(or shades of white - cream and ivory allowed) LO - no other colour allowed bot even to journal - OMG this was hard especially for a gal who loves colour!!!But I have done it :)

A LO showcasing your style and journalling about yours truly :) which I have also done

And a sketch to follow - which I am still working on - all entries due this friday.Anyone can vote who has posted more that 10 posts on the forum.....will pop back later in the week to upload the sketch :) thanks to anyone who has dropped by

Friday, October 9, 2009


I hosted the blind scrap at LSBS this week were we made some home made flowers for our LO and journal tags also:)

Here is my LO...

I also managed to get a couple more of my pick up 52 challenges done - still have about 4 to do to catch up - oops...

This one was set by Tash Allen you had to use a negative on your LO so I used the backing of a set of alpha stickers(just like Tash did)....

This one was set by

Kerryn - the pic had to be B&W and larger than 6x4 and you had to have a bow on your

Thx for dropping by

Saturday, October 3, 2009

You know you're a scrapper...

...when you copy a Stampin up stamp to make your child's cake - lol

Just had to share - this wasn't my intention as I found a super cute one on a site in the states but I saw the stamp and thought it was easier to decorate the rocket that way so went for it - turned out ok I think.

thanks for dropping by Melxxx

Happy Birthday Corey

I can't believe my littlest munchkin is two already :)
The saying "from little things big things grow" certainly applies and he is doing amazingly:)

Happy Birthday Cheeky Chicken

You bring so much mischief and joy to our lives and continue to amaze us everyday - Happy birthday sweetie I love you to the moon and back a gazillion times over, big squishy hugs and sloppy kisses
Love always Mumma :) xxx

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some more from me...

A big congrats to Kayla Renee and Sara for getting the two DT spots at Savvy - great work during the comp and I am sure you will keep us all inspired from here on out....

I have completed week 4 for Project fashionista at Wicked Princessess - the theme is shabby chic l so you had to include muted colours, lace and pearls...a bit of a challenge as i don't usually scrap muted colours or girly girly so here goes....

I also entered a couple of the challenges at enchanted scrapbooking for there 6 month birthday CC....

Now I had better go and catch up on the missed pick up 52 challenges over at LSBS...
Check back later :) thanks for dropping by Melxxx

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bit and pieces...

I have completed my last LO for the DT comp over at Scrapbook savvy - you had to use the banner from the site as inspiration,make your own flower, use the quote"she was an artist and her life was her canvas" and it had to be about You :)

I have really enjoyed doing all the challenges for this comp and Thanks Sar for the opportunity to try out - now to wait and see....

I have completed the round 3 challenge for Projct fashionista over at Wicked Princesses - it was a tough one this one - Men's fashion,avent garde, metal, mesh, black - with two little boys it took me a while to get my butt into gear but I love what I have done....

I know I have used the mesh for both the above LO's but I love how they both have a completely different feel - that's what art and scrapping is all about :)

I also did this LO using one of Jay's artworks as no PP was allowed for the studio.scrapbook 101 here's the link .....

great challenges and lots of talent - go on over and check them out :)

I also did this mini using envelopes for the challenge at scrapbook 101 - you had to do a summer themed project, it had to have a title longer than 4 words and it wasn't allowed to be a 12x12 square LO - odd shapes....

Love to escape the everyday - don't we all :)

Hope that's wet your creative appetite :) have a great weekend thanks for dropping by Melxxx

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Project Fashionsta round 2

Here's my take for the Project Fashionista challenge over at Wicked Princessess - you had to use felt, circles and the quote "we are shaped and fashioned by what we love"

thanks for looking Melxx

Monday, September 21, 2009

Being a tad creative:)

Well Savvy's cybercrop was on on the weekend and I managed to get Emma and Mel's challenges complete and do the blind scrap with Sar ( can't load that one yet) so her is my efforts so far...

Em's challenge

Mel's Challenge

I am also did round 2 of the DT comp for Scrapbook Savvy - some serious talent in this comp and I did my review for the new Cosmo Cricket earth love range - wasn't too sure about this one at first but now its grown on me :)

I have a few other LO's waiting to be photgraphed so back soon :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Brithday Jayden

Happy 3rd Birthday Cheeky Monkey :)

You bring so much Joy to mine and Corey's life and I love you too bits a gazillion times over - I am so happy you had a stack of fun today, laughed a lot and enjoyed your cake...even if you don't like 3 and want another number - LOL

Hugs and Kisses Galore
sweet dreams Love Mumma

Monday, September 14, 2009

A busy few days and cybercrop time again

It's Jaydens 3rd birthday on Wednesday, just wrapped his presents and now I trying to organise his cake....had a great weekend in the sun - still a few sniffles and Jay had an ear infection but we are getting there:)

Over at Scarpbook Savvy they are having their CC this weekend - it's all about spring - hope to see you there...



Saturday, September 12, 2009

lots of creating-Yippee!!!!

I have had a big week playing with new papers, embies and the like and lot's to share:)

First up - Round One, Part One for the Savvy DT call

Sar asked us to create a challenge - so here's mine....I asked the gals to create a LO using only PP they have made and the subject was to be about something they love but not a person or animal...

Round One, Part Two

We got given one of the other gals challenges - I go Jo Caird's - her challenge was to create a Mono using at least 5 colours from the spectrum of that chosen colour and follow her sketch - Here's my take - Jo I hope you like it :)

Next Cab off the rank - Over at Wicked Princesses I have signed up for Project Fashionista...the first challenge was to use 3 different suppliers PP and you had to chose to acessorise with only two other things from a chosen list - I chose Bling and mesh....

Roll Up, Roll Up...

Now Just for fun

On Father's day we went to the local fair - here's some pic's from then

And one more of my cheeky chicken and his new view of the world -ahhhhhh :)

Thanks for looking
Catch you later - have a fab weekend:)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Savvy DT Call

Scrapbook Savvy is loosing a couple of DT members and needs to pick a couple of new ones so I thought I would throw myself into the loop - If you want to join the fun you need to register before Challenge 1's deadline which is Monday the 7th at 6pm - good luck everyone :)

Scrapbook Savvy DT Call

- 3 Rounds

- Non-elimination

- Must be participating on Scrapbook Savvy Forum

- Personal Blog a MUST

- 6 month term

- 2 positions available

- Commencing 4th September 2009

- New DT announced 1st October 2009

Join the friendliest forum around and take part in our Design Team Competition!

Meet new friends and admire the amazing work in the Savvy Gallery, and take your chance to be a part of a successful Scrapbooking Store’s Design Team, with your reward being a generous monthly kit and store discount.

Hope to see you @ Savvy!


Friday, September 4, 2009

A few challenges

Corey you are so spunky in your funky new frames and Mumma is so proud of you for being such a good boy and leaving them on :) I am sure in no time you won't even notice them...
Big hugs cheeky chicken I luv ya Lots!!!!!

Now onto the challenges....

I have been doing a couple of challenges and blog hopping which lead to more challenges and well you get the drift so here's some completed stuff I have come up with :)

I also missed out on hosting my blindfolded scrap challenge this week die to illness but will begoing ahead next Tuesday over at - come over and join in the fun - here's a sneak peak :)

I did this for the sept sketch by the fabbadossey Krissy from Wicked Princesses and love how it turned out :) it's open til the end of the month would love to see what you come up with :)

And a little toot I won last months sketch challenge at Wicked Princesses for this cute one of the boys
Have had so much fun creating, thanks for looking

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

love prima - must go check out there blog - yummo!

Prima Product Picks!

Ready for something FUN?

Something REALLY, REALLY Fun?

Prima has chosen some of their very favorite products, and put them together in a fantastic little ensemble below...what we want to do is to introduce you to a few of them...

and, THEN, get you involved!

head on over to the prima blog for your chance to win some of this scumptious stuff - how gorgeous is it - just go to


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

LSBS retreat AKA Mummy Time

Warning - long post ahead :)

Well I am back from a weekend of creating and chat with an amazing bunch of gals from the LSBS forum - I was a little nervous and felt a little lost without the kids but had a great time all the same, caught up with new friends and old and stayed up way to late - one tired mummy on the drive home and still trying to catch up now....

There was a stack of giveaways and lots of challenges, classes and great fun:)

I will say I haven't laughed so much in a long time and some of the antics that happened over the weekend will be etched into my brain for a long time - I will never look at aq block of Cadbury's choclate the same way for a long time - thanks Helen:) Belle's Ball was hilarious and I got quite a bit of creating done amongst the chat. Hoepfully I can make it next year...

So much awesome talent and the classes were great - here's some what I got up to on my own accord....

Here's a sneeky peak at some of what I created with Belle's awesome class....Belle I would never had done this without your class for that I am truely grateful :)

Miss Lisa's Class - another sneeky peak at the scrumptious mini album....Thanks Lisa -awesome stuff as always:)
Here's my card from Helen's class - the cutting out should be left to the profsessional's I think but it turned out pretty spesh all the same... haven't put a quote on it yet will do that when the time comes to part with my lovely card ;( - Thanks Helen -great class

All up I created 13 LO's(including the three challenges and one for Carol of her gorgeous children), 4 card's card including the fab one from Helen's class, Belle's class mini album and Lisa's mini album - totally stocked!!!!

All in all a great weekend Thanks Cath, Nic, all the DT and Lisa, Helen and Belle and all the amazing gals who went :)
Ciao for now Melxx