Sunday, May 30, 2010


Don't you just love that inspiration for titles can come from anywhere - the kids watch the Backyardigan's (kid's cartoon) and I thought the title matched perfectly with this LO - since the boys escaped to the backyard for some fun just like the little characters in the cartoon - a fairly simple LO a bit of twine, a few Hambly stickers, some K and Co crochet lace and a button - it's the gorgeous Prima PP that helps with the whimsy/cartoon feel as well...
So how do you come up with your titles and is it something you struggle with????

Friday, May 21, 2010

it's been passed on...

My habit of sticking my tonge out ever so slightly when concentrating - I have been hassled my whole life about it and try as I might to not do it....well it just doesn't not happen. I have to say I have given it to my eldest son and found it fun to scrap this quirky family trait....
Both boys loving their "crafting" as Jayden calls it -
stickers,glue,paints,collage,stamping - you name it they love it!
Do you have any quirky traits you have passed down to your munchkins?
Have a great weekend Melxx

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I made the book below by covering a notebook I got from Woolies with fabric(down the spine),some gorgeous Basic Grey( Basics and Nook and Pantry), crocheted lace,journal tag,stickers and a prima flower - stick it all together with glue,DST and masking tape - took about an hour all up - very spesh:) I made this book for my Mum and used the same principal as a Journal Jar - gave her a whole wad of questions about life and asked her to write down the answers in this book - WHY??? Cause I am a nosey gal at heart and love stories and I want to know what,how and why my Mum feels about life and some little things I probably wouldn't or don't think I have asked her.

Also to record the stories of her life and my main reason is Mum's memory isn't the best ( I know she is getting older as we all are but seriously her short term memory has taken a huge beating over the last few years)and I think it will help her thinking about her answers and having them down on paper - her long term memory is quite good so the selection of questions is tell you the truth I can't wait to read what she writes and I will also have a copy of her words in her writing :) She doesn't scrap but I don't want to miss out on the stories...

It's the reason I scrap to record stories that one day when I am sitting in my rocking chair watching the sun set from my verandah in the country(this is yet to happen but a girl can dream).
I can look through my albums and reminisce - I love knowing they(the stories) wont be forgot and that I will have such a blast looking back at the path I would have walked along with that of my gorgeous family :) (bit biased but hey aren't we all)...anyway enough rambling from me...I also did this for Tracy's challenge for the LSBS cybercrop this weekend- head on over and check the crop out...
Hope you Sunday has been a good one
Cya Melxx

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Love the Colours of Autum

Nothing better in a lovely sunny autumn day than taking the boys out in the fresh air and enjoying the morning together at the Wollongong Botanic Gardens...

...the colours are spectacular and the boys just love the fresh air and exploring all the paths and everything the gardens have to offer.
So this memory was scrapped for my May entry for WIOIN year in review challenge.
Hope your all having a fantastic weekend!
Also don't forget midnight tonight is the deadline for the designer search for Storyboard Kits (the link is to your right) and Lisa is also having a chipboard giveaway at the moment so head on over to the blog and check it out - good luck to all who enter :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

two for one ;)

Ok so I have switched to doing 8.5x11 or usually A4 layouts -
its quicker and easier for me and cost effective
when buying albums - Big W has coloured albums for a few bucks :D
Anyway it often means I get 2 pages or a page
and some cards using a 12x12 piece of PP - double yay again :)
Here are 2 LO's I did which have a totally different vibe using similar colours and papers :)
I also saved some bucks by using the cardstock that came free when I got some PP recently - it's not Kraft the colour is more brownish/orange and
I love it now just to buy some more PP to get some more - lol
The LO above is another about Moi and the quote is just right for me right now....the one below is a scraplift from a recent challenge in SBM - love the colours in both

I also used mainly scraps in both these and since going to the smaller size LO it has meant more scraps are being used - woohoo
Hope your having a fab weekend - I have just had lunch with the girls, am scrapping tonight and tomorrow hugs from my boys :) have a good one and thanks for stopping by

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mad Hatters

As it's Mother's Day tomorrow I thought
I would share a LO of my munchkins and I mucking around -
as a mother there are a lot of times when being a parent tests you
as mucking around isn't always high on the agenda
but they are by far outweighed by the joy of
your little ones squeals of laughter and delight and all the happy times they bring you...
this week Jay has been busting at the seems to give me my parcels
they made at kindy that he has had hidden in his room
(one is on top of his toy shelves and the other is under his his bed on the trundel -
he proudly took me and showed me them nicely "hidden" so I wouldn't spot them - lol)
and has burst into tears a few times this week after
being told it's not sunday yet and then stating
but Mumma I really want to give you the parcels - so cute I could eat him...
So I can't wait to see his smile tomorrow morning when I tell him it's sunday:)
It will be such a lovely moment and my smile will be as big as his as it's those little moments that is what being a Mum is all about.
To all the Mum's out there enjoy your special day tomorrow

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

bed buds and butterflies

Just recently Corey has become very attached to some new friends :) Upsy Daisy, Froggie and Teddy Bear(who missed out on this photo op - don't worry I am sure there will be more) until about a month ago his bed was toy free but one any given night now I will be not only hugging and kissing my littlest munchkin goodnihgt but any number of his teddies also - too cute.

In this pic Jay was actually lughing(although it doesn't look like it)...I got these butterfly clips to use on a scrapbook LO (which I ended up using them on a card lol) but before I could use them I Jay took them and wanted me to put them in his hair-we were both in fits of laughter and of course i couldn't resist grabbing the camera and taking a pic - he makes such a pretty fun boy don't you think?

I love these LO's cause they mix it up a bit with new and old products and different companies - something I love to do with most of my LO's.
Do you like to mix it up or stick to certain products and brands?
thanks for popping by Melxxx

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Keeping an eye on this one :)

Local gal Lisa Warren is opening her very own kit club -
it's all happening on July 1, 2010
so check out the link here
Can't wait to see all the yumminess as it gets going!
Lisa is also on the hunt for desginers so go check out the blog :)
best wishes to everyone that enters.
Wishing you the best of success Lisa but most of all have fun :D

Year in Review

Here are 2 more entries for the Year in Review Challenge at What Is Old is New Again -
the first layout is of my Best Friend Kath and her cutie pie Abbey from her Fifth birthday party - Mum and I took the boys on a road trip to Cowra ( almost 4 hours) and they loved it :)
the party was great and it was lots of fun to catch up with Kath and the kids:)
The layout below is for April -
on Good Friday we took the boys to the circus for the first time -
another big hit - they loved the trapeze,the clowns and
the Fairy Fluff (Floss) this is Jay's name for it too funny:)Have a tops weekend and thanks for dropping by