Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

LSBS retreat AKA Mummy Time

Warning - long post ahead :)

Well I am back from a weekend of creating and chat with an amazing bunch of gals from the LSBS forum - I was a little nervous and felt a little lost without the kids but had a great time all the same, caught up with new friends and old and stayed up way to late - one tired mummy on the drive home and still trying to catch up now....

There was a stack of giveaways and lots of challenges, classes and great fun:)

I will say I haven't laughed so much in a long time and some of the antics that happened over the weekend will be etched into my brain for a long time - I will never look at aq block of Cadbury's choclate the same way for a long time - thanks Helen:) Belle's Ball was hilarious and I got quite a bit of creating done amongst the chat. Hoepfully I can make it next year...

So much awesome talent and the classes were great - here's some what I got up to on my own accord....

Here's a sneeky peak at some of what I created with Belle's awesome class....Belle I would never had done this without your class for that I am truely grateful :)

Miss Lisa's Class - another sneeky peak at the scrumptious mini album....Thanks Lisa -awesome stuff as always:)
Here's my card from Helen's class - the cutting out should be left to the profsessional's I think but it turned out pretty spesh all the same... haven't put a quote on it yet will do that when the time comes to part with my lovely card ;( - Thanks Helen -great class

All up I created 13 LO's(including the three challenges and one for Carol of her gorgeous children), 4 card's card including the fab one from Helen's class, Belle's class mini album and Lisa's mini album - totally stocked!!!!

All in all a great weekend Thanks Cath, Nic, all the DT and Lisa, Helen and Belle and all the amazing gals who went :)
Ciao for now Melxx