Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Away

I have just been on the most fabulous weekend away with 8 gorgeous gals who scrapped, chatted,enjoyed each others company and no kidlets running around at Kangaroo Valley.

I love my chicken littles so much there are days when it hurts but it was seriously theraputic to have four days of me,the gals,patterned paper and bubbles - be still my beating heart :)

I got 12 Lo's done including one of Cass's little cutie Annabelle - Can't share cause didn't take a pic but maybe Cass can pop it on her blog.I don't get to scrap little girls much so had a bit of fun with that one:)

Will post some pics over the next week.Back to real life after being in heaven for a few days and the washing is done now I need to go to bed so I will be able to half function at work tomorrow.
It was so lovely to come home for some Mummy cuddles and happy faces from my little chickens though - nice to know we are missed :)


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I love my friends, the closest ones are just like family:)

Here is a LO of one of my closest friends Ally and her man and munchkins - Lily and Jasmine :)

Such cuties...hope you love the LO Babe - So sad you can't join in the fun this weekend :)

Janine Kaye took these lovely pics.
Also this is my first Blue Bazaar bootcamp LO :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A little bit quirky?

Another one for Dollies - this is another sketch challenge and another no pic LO for me.... I am liking getting some stuff about me down on paper for the boys to know all about me in years to come - they will probably just rolls there eyes and say big deal but hopefully it will mean something for them to know the real me.
Thats it for now - the boys are not 100% and I am exhausted so see ya on the flip side:)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love you Mum xxx

This one is a combined challenge - I did the colour and elements challenge all in one over at Dollies - it was the colour combo of Lavender, grey and ivory and the elements was to do a LO about a woman in your life who you admire - who better than my Mum - she is the world to me and even though we can get on each other's nerves at times I love her to bits and always will :)
these are not colour's I would normally use so I am happy with the result:)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Moi and more Dollies

This is for the elements challenge at design dollies - to create a Valentines project with using little or no red/pink.
This is the sketch challenge at design Dollies - cute sketch and so easy to do - feelin the love this weekend:)

Another page about me and my childhood memories,
I don't have many pics from those early days - they are all on slides and even though some have been saved others have been damaged :(
I just love these little pics from Cosmo Cricket journalling PP in the nutmeg and earth love ranges:) so adorable...

This is another page for Design Dollies Feb colour challenge -
this time it was green,Ivory and Kraft -
I know I am a little off with some of them but I am still happy with the end result :)
I like these two LO's together as the second is recording what I think will be some of my boys fav childhood memories :)

Now as for my found items RAK - the 2 found things are....
the pink tag - the little square tickets were placed on top of the words sleepwear so the word allsorts is still part of the pink tag -some thought this was the second item....

the second item was actually the black ribbon with the words allsorts on it - they were both from a PJ top I got recently and fit perfectly with the LO - so although no one guessed correctly I am still going to send a RAK to Shelee for having a go :)

Littlescrapbook shop has there Feb cybercrop on this weekend all the action starts about's all about LOVE :)


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ride the Rails - WIOIN challenge

What Is Old is New Again year long challenge...a LO a month showing something you did during the month and you need to include journalling & a calendar on each page.

Pop on over to to join in the fun
The first LO is due 15th of January and the best thing is
you could win a six month kit sub if you complete the whole year valued at over $100 dollars - good luck :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Boys, Toys and more Dollies....

Boys - this one doesn't stay still long enough to get a pose
so you have to shoot him on the go...
Janine Kaye took this pic as he was chasing some bubbles :)
The Bella BLVD sayings and stickers complete the pic and are oh so true!
Toys - What toys did you grow up playing with
( I wasn't a Barbie girl but I did have a Poochie Dog, lots of Garfield, Mr Men - little miss was slowly coming round) and seaseme street was a big fav from way back -
I collected all these tags from clothes I have either been given or purchased for the boys and from a toothbrush pack - lol
I love that even though I have two boys some of their current fav's were mine as well :)
So apart from the little black and white words(Sam and Lucy) and the SEI alpha's this LO was made from "found" items...
don't forget my found items giveaway two posts down - you have til Friday ....
Dollies - this is the feb sketch challenge over at Design Dollies...
see the post below for a link - this is the first 12x12 I have done for a while
and I love how it turned out - love the colours and the sentiment behind the page.
With Prima, Sass, Elle's studio, BG and 7Gypsies how could a girl go wrong????

Have a great week Melxxx

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Design Dollies

This is for the february vintage challenge -
I don't do vintage much at all and the only pics I could possibly go vintage on are of my sister or I or us together so here it is - Vintage Mel style
Hope it's vintage enough????
Thanks to Sarah Lou ;) and blog hopping I found this colour combo challenge at

you are only only to use red, black and one neutral,

think I did ok I have never used this combo before and love how it turned out.

My Mum and Dad have been together 36 years and they have cared and supported each other and their family through a lot - they have their own sort of love, he calls her snappy tom and I can't say what she calls him but deep down I know they are there for each other - so it may not be all smoochy and lovey dovey but it's love and it's their way and that's all that matters:)

Janine Kaye took this lovely pic :)

Love you Mum and Dad, Melxxx

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Found Items...

I love using items in my scrapping that are not traditionally or purposely made for scrapping - even better if the are recycled and a bigger bonus if you don't have to pay for them :)
It adds a bit of originality to the mix and that has to be a good thing!

So for another RAK - I want you to guess what I found this time ( there are two items on the page above for you to guess) and also tell me what your all time fav "found" item is I will pop you in the draw and randomly pick one person out next Friday :)

This LO is for another week of me over at savvy - I am slowly catching up only 2 more to do and I think I will be there....
I love this pic of Jay and I as I put on his YoGabbaGabba glasses and he was in hysterics - yes Mumma can be crazy, silly and funny too-LOL


Friday, February 5, 2010

Orange and cute buttons....

How could you possibly get anymore cute than this ...
If you think this is as cute as I do and want a chance to win the lot go here

Good luck :)


Another one about Me....

Here is another page for the 52 weeks of me over at Scrapbook Savvy.
Just love a night out with the gals and last weekend the Mum's from playgroup hit Amigos for a night of awesome food,lots of laughs,wine and chat.... me the opportunity to glam it up a little every now and then:)

There is more bling and glitz on this page than you will ever see on me, was a bit heavy handed with the mists - I have used Glimmermist and Maya Road mist for the page -lots of fun :)

Oh and the winner for my random RAK is ....


I will bring it with me next week when we do lunch.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

So Proud of you Munchkin!

Wow - back at RPA for Corey's 2yr old development check - boy does time fly....Well he blitzed the playing - fine motor and gross motor skills - woohoo.
His speech is delayed but we have put steps in place including getting a referral to a speech therapist and we will attack it as it comes...I was prepared for this and had already started looking into a referral but it's nice to have the support of the hospital and to see some old faces - even though Corey has no idea how important these people are in him being here, I do and it's nice to go back and catch up :)
So sweetie Mumma is so proud of you - you are doing amazingly well and don't sweat the speech thing ;) you have come so far and we will work on it together - Mwah Mumma xxx

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dream in Colour

I just found Cheryl Manz Blog with the title above and I love her blog,work and way with colour:) I thought I would do her latest challenge - so hear is my LO.
Jayden gave me a bottle of soft as soap(handwash) for Christmas - it was the best gift I was given and maybe one of the best of all time - I know most would say it's soap Mel but it was the thought behind it and that he is 3 that means so much - that even though some days(like most Mum's) I feel like I could do so much better -I am obviously on the right track:)
Sorry about the post explosion today when your on a role may as well go with it ;)
Night Melxxx

Anyone for Chocolate???

Ok two post almost immediately after each other but both deserved there own special spot.
A couple of weeks ago I went out with some of the gals from work and for dessert we went to "My Chocolate Shoppe" at Kiama....think it will shortly give the blow hole a run for it's money on the tourist draw card (just my own little chocoholic opinion) but seriously if your in the area and looooooooooooooooooove chocolate it's a must do.
Not for the faint hearted though:)
And I can predict it wont be the last time you go there - nor will it be mine - LOL
Anyway hope I haven't caused drooling on your keyboard:)
Off to enter this one in the Kraftit Up challenge for this month.

The Seasoned Scrapper

Little scrapbook shop is hosting "The Seasoned Scrapper" a year long challenge with a new challenge weekly running to the NSW school terms - head on over the the forum to check it out :)

the first challenge was to make a journal to record the challenges coming and as a little go to throughout the year - I have decided to go with 6x12 and put it all together with some D-rings - you can see my title pages in the gallery but above are some sneak peeks :)

Thanks for dropping by...Melxxx