Sunday, May 30, 2010


Don't you just love that inspiration for titles can come from anywhere - the kids watch the Backyardigan's (kid's cartoon) and I thought the title matched perfectly with this LO - since the boys escaped to the backyard for some fun just like the little characters in the cartoon - a fairly simple LO a bit of twine, a few Hambly stickers, some K and Co crochet lace and a button - it's the gorgeous Prima PP that helps with the whimsy/cartoon feel as well...
So how do you come up with your titles and is it something you struggle with????


  1. I love that title MEl! Just wanted o pop in and say hi. I try and think of something quirky to go with the theme of the LO, a song title, a slogan from the TV etc.
    It's amazing what's out there to inspire!

  2. Love that little layout Mel and how cute is the paper? I struggle with titles, can never think of anything quirky and usually end up just using a single word... not very original of me.
    Melinda :)

  3. PS: Congratulations on your ARTastic competition win too!!


  4. cute lo mel. sometimes i struggle with the title thing. usually come up with something pretty basic. i'm a no frills kind-a-gal. brige

  5. Always clever Mel...and always fabulous LO's. Love your stuff!

  6. thansk for dropping by and your lovely comments Mwah - thanks for posting about ARTastic Shelee - so excited :)