Sunday, May 16, 2010


I made the book below by covering a notebook I got from Woolies with fabric(down the spine),some gorgeous Basic Grey( Basics and Nook and Pantry), crocheted lace,journal tag,stickers and a prima flower - stick it all together with glue,DST and masking tape - took about an hour all up - very spesh:) I made this book for my Mum and used the same principal as a Journal Jar - gave her a whole wad of questions about life and asked her to write down the answers in this book - WHY??? Cause I am a nosey gal at heart and love stories and I want to know what,how and why my Mum feels about life and some little things I probably wouldn't or don't think I have asked her.

Also to record the stories of her life and my main reason is Mum's memory isn't the best ( I know she is getting older as we all are but seriously her short term memory has taken a huge beating over the last few years)and I think it will help her thinking about her answers and having them down on paper - her long term memory is quite good so the selection of questions is tell you the truth I can't wait to read what she writes and I will also have a copy of her words in her writing :) She doesn't scrap but I don't want to miss out on the stories...

It's the reason I scrap to record stories that one day when I am sitting in my rocking chair watching the sun set from my verandah in the country(this is yet to happen but a girl can dream).
I can look through my albums and reminisce - I love knowing they(the stories) wont be forgot and that I will have such a blast looking back at the path I would have walked along with that of my gorgeous family :) (bit biased but hey aren't we all)...anyway enough rambling from me...I also did this for Tracy's challenge for the LSBS cybercrop this weekend- head on over and check the crop out...
Hope you Sunday has been a good one
Cya Melxx


  1. Wow mel what a gorgeous journal and such a fantastic idea...It will be awesome to read what your mum writes down...
    luv marg xxx

  2. Just the most great idea Mel.... I should take a leaf from your book & start one. Even if the memories are in no particular order, at least they will be written down. Well, I will do it!!! Thank you for the inspiration!! xxxxx

  3. Loving all the creative gorgeousness you've been sharing lately! :D

  4. this is beautiful mel. it's a great idea and you have done a gorgeous job decorating it.

  5. What a gorgeous page ...soooo love the colours too. In fact I love all your pages.