Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mad Hatters

As it's Mother's Day tomorrow I thought
I would share a LO of my munchkins and I mucking around -
as a mother there are a lot of times when being a parent tests you
as mucking around isn't always high on the agenda
but they are by far outweighed by the joy of
your little ones squeals of laughter and delight and all the happy times they bring you...
this week Jay has been busting at the seems to give me my parcels
they made at kindy that he has had hidden in his room
(one is on top of his toy shelves and the other is under his his bed on the trundel -
he proudly took me and showed me them nicely "hidden" so I wouldn't spot them - lol)
and has burst into tears a few times this week after
being told it's not sunday yet and then stating
but Mumma I really want to give you the parcels - so cute I could eat him...
So I can't wait to see his smile tomorrow morning when I tell him it's sunday:)
It will be such a lovely moment and my smile will be as big as his as it's those little moments that is what being a Mum is all about.
To all the Mum's out there enjoy your special day tomorrow

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