Friday, May 21, 2010

it's been passed on...

My habit of sticking my tonge out ever so slightly when concentrating - I have been hassled my whole life about it and try as I might to not do it....well it just doesn't not happen. I have to say I have given it to my eldest son and found it fun to scrap this quirky family trait....
Both boys loving their "crafting" as Jayden calls it -
stickers,glue,paints,collage,stamping - you name it they love it!
Do you have any quirky traits you have passed down to your munchkins?
Have a great weekend Melxx


  1. That's not the worst trait you can have so stop worrying about it! :)
    Gorgeous layout Mel, love the balance and the colours, not to mention the pic... how much cleaning up was that? :)
    Melinda x

  2. Ohh thats cute, w are tongue sticker outerers as well. I love catching them deep in concentration with just the hint sticking out the side.

    Love the colours in this layout. just magical

  3. Yes you do do that quite often :P
    That's it, I am going to make a BIG point of it now that you have mentioned you are embarassed by it PMSL love you Melly xox