Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sunny days - Long gone

Thought I would share a Summery Lo today since its so cold here in the Gong....winter really is settling in and the rain looks like its going no where in a hurry...
This pic was taken on Australia Day at the foreshore in Wollongong - the boys had so much fun looking at all the rides and playing around - I mixed it up with a few vintage finds and a bit of Sass and Scenic route.
The blue ink above the pic is just done by rubbing your ink pad across the dotted swiss bazill ever so slightly - love the look....

Do you mix old and new where do you find your vintage tid bits???
stay warm gals and thanks for dropping by


  1. Mel this is such a cute layout and I love the little cinema tickets... too cute!
    Vintage stuff... hmm, I got a pile of vintage metal buttons off ebay just recently but haven't used them yet!
    Melinda x

  2. Very cute layout Mel.
    What's old is new again sell packs of stuff like bingo cards,bus tickets etc.