Thursday, June 10, 2010

Security blanket???

OMG I am having serious withdrawls from the dummy -
it's not funny I took the dummy off Corey the weekend after Easter -
he then got sick the next week so I caved and gave it back (he was seriously distressed)
he only ever had it for his day and night sleep initially but then when I gave it back he wanted it all day everyday, then I accidentally forgot to take it to kindy for him and he didn't muck up so I thought if you don't need it there well you wont need it here - whats that famous quote from Pretty Woman "Big Mistake - HUGE" well ever since it has been a battle of the wills - I know where he gets his stubborn determined streak from that's for sure....but seriously he has turned into a tantrum throwing crazy kid and I think I need the dummy just to get through - hence the LO Your security blanket or mine???
I am determined it's gone for good so wish me luck for no more caving....
I have to say it is also slowly weening me of my little baby as the only hint of a baby left in
our house is nappies and wipes :'(
that's it for now, thanks for popping by Melxx


  1. Mel... you are too funny!
    Dummies are definitely a 'shared' security for both child and parent. My daughter was 3 before she'd even consider letting go of the darn thing. Hopefully things get better for you soon and not so many tantrums.

  2. Oh Mel! It sure is a battle of wills and I hope you win! lol I will be having battle soon too I think.

    Love the layout too!

  3. Aww I adore this layout and I totally feel you.. I took the dummy off Jayden when he was about 18 months and ended up caving and giving it back for a while before just chucking them all out. I don't think its a bad thing and it saves them sucking thumbs. Mason isint a huge fan of his dummy he will take it to fall asleep if he is really upset but other then that its just a teething toy he pulls in and out haha. Goodluck hun xx

  4. Great layout!!
    Santa took both our kids dummy's. We told them he swapped them with a toy that Christmas...worked a treat!! ;)

    Thanks for popping by my blog!

    Chelle Xx