Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just a quick post....

Well it's almost the weekend again and we are hitting the road - taking the boys on a coastal adventure to Bateman's Bay and we are going to Mogo Zoo...
can't wait and I hope the boys love it :)
A huge thanks to my bestie Kath, her hubby Paul and the kids for such a generous Christmas gift that has allowed us to be able to enjoy some time away together- I love you all :) and so do the boys :) xxxooo

Corey has his one year corrected development check at RPA on Monday so looking forward to catching up with all his surrogate Aunties and uncles(aka the nursing staff) in the NICU :)

Jayden my big boy has decided he no longer wants to wear his nappy - yippppeeeee :) he went to bed last night with his undies on and no accidents this morning - so proud of him :)

Last but not least - next weekend the little scrapbook shop is having their Cybercrop - them theme is LOVE see the pic (thanks to the lovely Kerryn) below for all the details - hoep you can pop buy and join in the love fest and have some fun...

Ciao for now Melxxx

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