Monday, March 22, 2010

....for the soul

Chicken soup for the soul??? Remember when you where little and your Grandma made you chicken soup when you where sick??? Well my Mum used to always give us vegimite soldiers - partly because she knew we had to be sick to eat it (not big vegimite fans back then lol) and because it was her form of "chicken" soup...hope that makes sense so I thought I would capture it as these days I don't mind Vegimite but it is still my go to food when I am not well....

This next LO is for The Year in Review challenge at WIOIN - documenting my weekend of bliss at Kangaroo Valley with the girls, laughs and a girls best friend (well the next closest to bling) Bubbles - Hey they both start with the same letter - lol....

This is my use of mixed alphas and Kraft for teh Kraft it Up challenge this month - Jaydens first day back at swimming - such a cutie patootie :)
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  1. I love the size that you scrap. Loving these layouts ( except now I gotta go make me some vegemite toast!). Really head over heels for the second one though. Macking on that layering!!!

  2. Just beautiful work really are scrapping so beautifully all the time! xx

  3. Been admiring your work on both the above sites.just wanted to pop in here and say "you're awesome".