Monday, October 19, 2009

I am a finalist

I am so not a fashionista at any point in my life so it is completely ironic that I made the finals of Project Fashionista over at Wicked Pricncesses.Huge thanksto everyone who voted my in :)

Here was my week 5 entry - you were only allowed to use green,pink and yellow, had to include satin also :)Minimal amounts of white and black could be used...

So for the final I have to showcase 3 pieces - an all white(or shades of white - cream and ivory allowed) LO - no other colour allowed bot even to journal - OMG this was hard especially for a gal who loves colour!!!But I have done it :)

A LO showcasing your style and journalling about yours truly :) which I have also done

And a sketch to follow - which I am still working on - all entries due this friday.Anyone can vote who has posted more that 10 posts on the forum.....will pop back later in the week to upload the sketch :) thanks to anyone who has dropped by


  1. Mel these pages are gorgeous.
    Love the feet one. Gorgeous. x
    I have tagged you over @ my blog.