Thursday, January 29, 2009

We have a pet!!!!

We would like to welcome Tooheys (Jay picked the name - no his not addicted already - my parent's dog's name is Toohey's and well Jay loves the dog and hence the name) the fish to our family - Jayden has been going so well with his toilet training and sleeping in his big bed I thought a little "reward" was in order.

Not sure what the fish thinks of his new abode- so far his been thrown upside down in a shopping trolley, heard various high pitch screams of a 2 and 1 year old, fed 4 huge flakes (his eyes are bigger than his belly or more truthfully his owner is a little excited about his new pet) and blown a kiss goodnight....all within 4 hours...probably wishes he was back in the tank at the pet shop;)

Off to bed myself - nite all xxx


  1. Aww such cute pics.. I hope the fishy survives longer then ours did :) Cute fish tank too xx

  2. The fish's name is Toohey's - it's all explained in the post :)

  3. I love how excited he looks :D ((Jay not the fish ;) ))

    Tooheys.. at least it is better than my friends choice in name.. ((Cat food)) ;)

    Hope all goes well :D